Do you have a real sales culture in your company?


Whilst I’m sure everyone recognises the importance of maximising sales in order for the company to grow, how much effort do key decision makers put into your company sales?  Do the people who interact with existing and potential new customers have the skills to make the best of the opportunity?

Sometimes key personnel have come up through the finance or production ranks; consequently, this can result in more of a production or finance culture rather than sales and has a knock-on effect in the team.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard “Oh, he has loads of experience; he’s been doing the job for years!” This was true a couple of years ago when I was asked to accompany a very “experienced sales person“ on a few calls to get a measure of his ability as he wasn’t hitting the targets he promised! What a shock I got, actually not a shock – it was as I thought!  He went in and after a few minutes of small talk he began to talk about what he knew best – HIMSELF and HIS PRODUCTS! After 10 minutes or so I could see the prospects fidgety body language (which again, our experienced sales person didn’t register!) When I intervened, and started to ask a few questions, the replies were peppered with buying signals and our customer became more interested!

You may think this would never happen with your salespeople but how do you know?

  • Do they know how to prepare for the sales call?
  • Do they know how to open the conversation effectively?
  • Are they asking the right kind of questions to dig up customer problems?
  • Do they talk about benefits and not features?
  • Can they deal with those inevitable objections or do they shy away from them and…
  • Do they recognise opportunities to gain commitment and close?

I consider myself to be pretty good at the sales process but it didn’t always come naturally. I needed to be developed and trained. Once I’d been shown I could then start to build my experience.

We wouldn’t let an employee loose on a new machine without first showing them how to operate it and the dangers of making mistakes. So why let our salespeople loose on one of our most valuable assets – OUR CUSTOMERS!!!


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