Top 10 Tips to Answer Objections


Hopefully you will have read my last blog on objections when I tried to put them into perspective and endorse the fact that they aren’t always the little monsters that we think! In fact… a lack of objections could indicate that a buyer isn’t listening to you and is just waiting to get you off the phone or politely (or not!)  say that they aren’t interested! If objections are raised at the very least the buyer is taking part in the conversation

So… that doesn’t make them always easy to deal with so I am going to try and set out a few tips that can work. Not all the time!! Sometimes, no matter what you say or do, even if you offer the product or service for free, they don’t want to do business with you.

  1. Listen carefully – Never interrupt. Don’t assume you know what’s going to follow.
  2. Act interested and question if you don’t fully understand the objection.
  3. Pause long enough to appear to be weighing it up carefully.
  4. Sometimes it can help if you re-state it in a slightly different way as :
    You can sometimes restate the objection a little more favourably.
    The customer knows you’ve listened and are taking it seriously
    It gives you thinking time.
  5. Welcome the objection – don’t go on the defensive with “Yes, but…” Instead say something like “That’s an interesting point, I’m glad you’ve mentioned that”.
  6. Use the 3 F’s Feel, Felt, Found “I can understand why you may feel like that, in fact it’s something that other customers have felt. However, they have found that once the new system is in place…”
  7. Answer the objection by stressing the benefits of your solution, eg “You will find that the time you save with this will far outweigh the money you have spent.
  8. Confirm the final objection – ensure your customer is not worried about further objections; and if not.
  9. Be ready to close by asking for that order!
  10. And finally… if at first you don’t succeed, remember, selling is about persistence and sales aren’t often made on the first attempt

We can’t get away from objections. Approach them in a positive way and use the techniques outlined. It won’t work every time but I can assure you it can do.


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