The Principles of Selling

The Principles of Selling Level 1

Suitable for brand new sales personnel as well as those with some experience but no formal training

This one day programme will equip delegates with a good understanding of the sales process and they will be shown techniques to adopt from preparing the call through to closing. It is advised to follow with Level Two after a suitable period

Content Covers:
• Understanding why customers buy
• Attitude and approach
• The call structure
• Preparing for the sale
• Unique selling points
• Effective fact-finding and listening skills
• Features and benefits
• Buying signals
• Handling objections
• Closing techniques

Programmes can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.

The Principles of Selling Level 2

Suitable for salespeople with at least 12 months experience and those who need to refresh their selling skills. It is also an effective follow up to Level One

This thorough programme examines the skills required to plan and conduct effective sales interviews and manage a territory

Content covers:
• Effective journey planning and assessing priorities
• Telephone appointment making
• Effective communication including body language
• Buying signals
• Overcoming objections
• Closing techniques
• Role-play

Programmes can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.