Bite Size Training Tasters

Bite Size Training Tasters

We appreciate how difficult it can be to release staff for full days, so we have put together a range of topics which will provide valuable development tips and techniques covered in half day or sometimes even two hour chunks.
By attending the sessions team members not used to the training environment will start to develop a taste for learning and can return for more in depth sessions later as appropriate

Examples of sessions available:

Communication Development

Giving and Receiving Feedback
Covers the importance of feedback within the team and ow to deliver it an a motivational, constructive manner

A Snapshot of Assertiveness
Explains what is assertiveness, the benefits and the steps and techniques needed to put it into practice

Improving your Communication Skills
Examines communication barriers and basic strategies for improving both individual and team communication

Exploring the Myths of Body Language
An interesting and useful insight in to how communication can be improved and impaired by having a basic awareness of the impact it has on interpersonal relationships

Making the most of your work-life

Effective goal setting
Illustrates the importance of having goals in both inside and outside of work and how to prepare and achieve those goals effectively

Working Smarter
A taster of time management showing delegates how recognising and assessing priorities and following a daily/ weekly plan can help maximise productivity and help minimise stress

Achieving “Win-Win” at work
A snapshot of negotiation designed to provide basic, common -sense strategies for individuals to use both in sales and non-sales environments

Programmes can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.