Our Approach

Stage 1 Initial Meeting

Whilst a telephone call or email can be very useful in describing issues and potential solutions nothing is better than a face to face meeting to start building up a relationship and gaining a good insight into a company’s culture. We believe that’s its best to meet with the trainer who will develop the programme and manage it. We always recommend this approach and are happy to come along and meet you for a no obligation discussion.

Stage 2 The Proposal

Following the meeting we will then put together a proposal which reflects this along with our proposed solutions

Stage 3 Groundwork

What better way to build up a relationship with the team than spending time with them before hand! It means we get to know your Company and culture. The team can discuss directly with the trainer the issues they face which helps accurately target the training as well as gain delegate “buy-in”. We will observe current working practices and anything else that you feel will help us. This is a very valuable part of the programme

Stage 4 The Training

Training should be an enjoyable experience. Delegates need to feel motivated and looking forward to trying out new ideas and skills. We all learn in different ways so programmes are a mix of theory, exercises, case studies and practical role-plays. We use real work based scenarios whenever possible to make the training come to life We can train just one person or any size group of people at your premises or a location of your choice anywhere in the UK

Stage 5 Ongoing Support and Follow up

“The training was great but now what??” Training programmes can fail as no provision is made for what happens when the delegates return to their roles. We believe that ongoing support and guidance in the work environment should be part of the programme and this will be put forward as part of our solution. We will come back in to do follow up workshops, have meetings with delegates or provide telephone or email support. What we won’t do is leave you high and dry!

For more information about any of our training courses, please call us on 01924 440720 or 07788 973720.

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