Sales Skills for Non Sales People

Sales Skills for Non Sales People

Whilst your salespeople are tasked with achieving sales, how confident are you that those orders will be handled with care and the customer will receive the high level of service he should expect from the back office team? Orders can be easily lost by poor service administered by support personnel. These individuals may work in accounts, warehouse, service engineering teams, IT or delivery teams. Are they all aware of the part they play in the supplier chain? Do you recognise the potential they have in gaining you more orders? Have they been given the training they need to look after both internal and external customers and how to recognise opportunities to gain more business? This programme will provide them with all the techniques and skills they need to deliver top class service and play an instrumental part in helping gain sales

Content can be tailored for individuals and your organisation but could include the following:

  • The sales potential of support personnel
  • Portraying the right attitude
  • Supply chain awareness
  • Internal customers
  • Communication skills
  • Recognising opportunities
  • Gaining commitment and follow up

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