Telephone Appointment Making

Telephone Appointment Making

This is a vital but often feared and avoided activity by salespeople. Another issue is that when the salesperson picks up the phone to try gain an appointment they can resort to selling the product or service over the phone. Whilst this may result in an interesting conversation it can dismiss the need for a visit! This highly interactive programme will focus on the skills and techniques required for selling the benefit of a face to face visit. Delegates will learn a wealth of easy to use tips to help them gain far more appointments by getting past the gatekeeper and handling those dreaded objections such as “I’m happy with my current supplier !” or “I’m too busy to see you”

Content will cover topics such as:

  • Frame of mind
  • Getting in the Decision Makes Shoes
  • Preparation for appointment making
  • Power of a positive message
  • Getting past the “gatekeeper”
  • Selling the benefits of an appointment – why should they see you ?
  • Objection handling
  • Gaining the appointment and follow up

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